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When you think of spring, does cleaning closets and flower beds come to mind?  We'd like you to add clean teeth to that list.  If you're overdue for a visit with your hygienist, pick up the phone and give us a call for an appointment. 
School will be ending in just a few short weeks, does your student need to get in for their annual check-up?  Now would be a good time to schedule ahead for that appointment.

Spring Break

It's that time we go to enjoy spring break with our families.  All emergencies will be taken care of by Dr. James LaMond while we're away.  Hopefully the sun will come out and flowers will bloom while we're gone.  See you all Mon. April 11 th.

Updates to our website

Ok here we go our first attempt at blogging.  The office of Michael J. Dionise DDS is updating our website in an attempt to better serve our patients dental needs.  We hope to use this space to inform, educate, and relay important information about new products and services.
  Please check back often for future updates. 

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